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Ellen Harvelle. Owner of Harvelle's Roadhouse. Mother to Jo Harvelle. Hunter.
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    [Well then… - Things just gotten a lot more uncomfortable than Gadreel wished for them to be. The Axe whose sharp end now got pressed against his skin made the Angel halt not only in his movement but also with his words, eyes still not leaving hers. The woman seemed to see him as a thread- that much was obvious. However, the more he tried to understand that humans behavior the more confused he got. His expression went from confused to questioning and eventually ended up looking like he’d be starting to get tired of the situation.]


    [Once Ellen stepped back to an arm length distance between them, the flash of lights stopped, leaving nothing before her but a man that looked like he just awoken from another century. Gadreel himself, of course, didn’t care for what his vessel wore nor how he really looked like since to him it was just that, a vessel. He wasn’t aware of the fact yet, that he’d be identified as such in the coming future. The name Ellen Harvelle didn’t ring a bell nor did he ever hear of it before.. and if others, especially Angels were aware of her due to her prayers and what have you, then it wouldn’t be advisable to come out with his real name.. !!]

    I am Ezechiel.. - an Angel of the Lord and bestowed with the gift of freedom down on earth.. - For now. 

    [He considered explaining himself, asking her to put down that weapon and stop treating something that was once seen as heavens gift like it’d be a monster.. but there was no use for conversations like that. This Ellen-Woman would not be able to hold him if he’d decide to leave, no matter her threads.]

    I shall bid you farewell now, my Lady. Thy hospitality leaves much to be desired and I do not feel like troubling you any more than I seem to have done already. 

    [No further words were spoken, no justifications given. Gadreel vanished as sudden as he came. Gone, during the blink of an eye and the only thing that was left back, was the sound of beating wings.]

    [Good riddance was the only thing she could think after the angel was gone. Ezechiel was not a name that meant anything to her I the grand scheme of things. There was the prophet that she remembered hearing about in church on the occasion that she went but it wasn’t something she recalled very well. The angel hadn’t done anything but caused trouble at her bar. The hunters were on edge as it was. They didn’t need to be suspecting her of anything that had to do with angels, a race that hardly any of them even believed in. But there was nothing else she would explain to the customers. They all knew what was out there and possibilities of angel was something that they had to consider at some point.]

    [She was still wondering how this angel was connected if at all to Naomi. The pan suit hadn’t come down or sent anyone when she had prayed but Ellen hadn’t really expected much. Naomi didn’t seem like the person to come on command. She sighed and lifted the spine of the axe so it was resting against her shoulder. She wondered for a moment if Naomi was going to send anyone. She shoved the axe back into its place behind the bar and looked up to see a man in a gray suit almost identical to the one that Naomi had been wearing.]

    You said you had an angel here?

    [Now this one looked like he was sent by Naomi, and what he said seemed to prove that if anything.] Yeah, tattered wings, said his name was Ezechiel. He didn’t seem to know anything about earth or what century it was even. Can ya tell your boss to keep you lot away while I’m open? I have a business to run and everyone’s jumpy as it is. [The man nodded in acknowledgement and left without any further ado. Angels didn’t seem to know how to say goodbye. She shook her head. That was done, time to get everyone back in the bar and make some excuse. She wandered over to the door and stuck her head out finding barrels of guns pointed at her for a moment.] You can come in out of the cold now. 

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    [So that was it? That’s the treatment an Angel of the Lord would get down on Earth, nowadays? If so, Gadreel wasn’t all too sure anymore if what was once seen as the Paradise actually managed to keep being such, or if it transformed from a place worth being at into a place you’d do much to escape from. His eyes were focused onto Ellen, completely ignoring the other people that now slowly lowered their guns along with her and ended up leaving the room with a slam of the roadhouse’ door.]

    I can hear thy prayers…

    [Just a random comment but true nonetheless. Since Gadreel was, just like Naomi, an Angel, it wasn’t hard for him to keep track of human thoughts and wishes, if only he wanted to do so. His eyebrows furrowed down, mustering the woman before him. Who was this Naomi she was praying to? Obviously, it must have been one of his kind but he never heard the name before. Was she powerful? Then again, you couldn’t really meassure power of an Angel. One way or another, they were all about equal. The only one above Angels, especially the oldest ones, was God himself. The source, if you so want. And now that the hunter-woman lowered her weapon as well, Gadreel allowed himself to erase some of the distance between them, slowly stepping over so that he ended up only about 20 cm before the woman, eyes still piercing down into her gaze.]

    There is no reason to feel endangered.. 


    [His tone was, as always, very calm. Very soft and, despite the aura of authority Gadreel brought along, very soothing. It wouldn’t had been wise to mention that he didn’t know Naomi. The human might start being suspicious over where exactly he came from. Therefore the Angel merely kept the wry smile on his face, not knowing “normal behavior”- which is why he definitely invaded Ellen’s private space now just like Castiel had often done with Dean. To proof the value behind his words, however, he decided to give a bit more of sign. Sure, he just fell down from heaven but his wings were still, for the biggest part of it, intact. Therefore he now did let just one flash of light appear, revealing his massive wings as a shadow on the wall behind him. If Ellen had doubt before, she’d most probably have no choice now than to believe him…]

    I will ask you one more time and would hope that you, my fair Lady, grant me an answer to that rather simple question; Who are you? 

    [He could have left, yes. He could have just vanished, yes. But something on that human intrigued Gadreel. Back in the days, Adam and Eve were in awe everytime they saw him. Mixed with shock and surprise. But Ellen didn’t seem afraid.. - and he was sure it was because she had seen more than most of the other humans. Maybe she could come in handy with informations as to what this world has become, during his absence.]

    [The thing stepped close to her, closer than she was comfortable being to anyone. The movement was something that warranted the axe to be at his throat even if it wouldn’t’ do anything to the angel. She didn’t care if he could hear her prayers or was from heaven or hell. The instinct to bring the axe in her hands to his neck was hard to ignore. Her knuckles turning white as she gripped the handle, and her lips twitching into a deep frown. She raised it calmly, till the tip of the axe rested against the man, angel, thing’s, chest. She pushing him back, hoping that at least he wouldn’t want an axe imbedded in his body if he was an angel. She didn’t respond till he was more than arm’s length away from her. Refusing to take her eyes off him. An angel who looked like he had been spit out by the civil war was not something she cared for. And she still had doubts about him being an angel. She’d need more than some mind reading to even come close to believing him. She didn’t feel endangered, per se, she felt more threatened than in danger. And she didn’t like feeling threatened. If she had been in actual danger the thing would have made a move long before now.]

    [The thing looked like he had been spit out by the revolutionary war. He had more of his bearings than he did when he had first come in the bar but he still looked like he was a homeless man with a thing for Victorian England. He didn’t look like much but then again neither did Cas. If thing came close again she’d start hacking of bits of him or trying to if he was an angel.]

    [The display was impressive, the fings tattered outlind was something she wouldn’t forget easily but she wasn’t going to  trust him just because he had some broken wings. From what she had heard, angels were bad news. Naomi had been a risk to trust as it was, Cas had proven to be helpful and he had fallen for humanity, he was a different story. This ‘angel’ wasn’t something that Ellen was going to trust.]

    [Who she was, wasn’t something she thought mattered. She was a nobody in the giant scheme of things. A hunter who ran a bar. Simple. The thing in front of her on the other hand. He was a mystery. Angel or no she wasn’t going to trust him. No matter what.] Ellen Harvelle. Who the hell are you? 

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    The bar was crowded, loud enough for her to have to shout over the other drunken patrons to order herself a drink. The place wasn’t exactly top notch with its worn tables and broken chairs but Jo had sat herself in worse. Besides, the company wasn’t half bad. She was smiling, leisurely placed in her barstool. Jo had dropped herself in the seat next to Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome in a corduroy jacket and struck up a conversation. It was normal; something easy. Maybe something that would land them somewhere other than the cramped bar. “—Y’see, I don’t get how you can do that.” Jo propped a curled hand against her face with true curiosity. “All that paperwork.” She stopped to take a well earned sip from her glass but never broke eye contact from him. “If I joined the force I’d want the action.” 

    He had said something back and returned her smirk, leaning in closer.Though she hadn’t heard; her vibrating pocket was proving to be too much of a distraction and interruption. Sitting up straight and jamming her fingers into her pocket, she cooly replied “…One second.” Looking down at the screen “Mom” shone out at her in bright, bold letters. She was going to have to take this one. The phone was pressed to her ear with some reluctance, her annoyance lost in translation as she yelled over the crowd. “Yeah?” 

    She was thankful to hear the voice on the other end though it was muffled with all the background noise. She could barely understand what her daughter had said but it didn’t really matter. “Monster in backyard, I need your help.”

    Hopefully Jo was relatively close by and wouldn’t take more than a day to drive from wherever she was. If so Ellen could take it on her own but she had rather not. She had never dealt with a water leaper before and was hesitant to do it on her own. She could get one of the Winchester to help her, that was an option but not one that she liked to consider. She trusted Jo with her life and knew that she could get the job done. Listening a little more closely to the background noise on Jo’s end it sounded like music. A club? She squinted as she tried to listen harder but couldn’t make anything out besides it being music. She shrugged not caring too much what her daughter was doing with her life as long as she wasn’t dying. In a playful tone she added, “If you’re busy I can call a Winchester.”

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Joanna Beth, this family has lost enough. I won’t lose you too. I just won’t.

Love makes hunters of us all.
— Wicked, Gregory Maguire


    Joanna Beth, this family has lost enough. I won’t lose you too. I just won’t.

    Love makes hunters of us all.

    — Wicked, Gregory Maguire

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           So he wasn’t too far off with his guesses, which was good when he was aiming for accuracy. Accepting the mug, John took a gulp, grimacing as he forgot the calidity and was quickly reminded as he swallowed the mxied drink. Coughing as he set the mug on the table behind him, the burning sensation that enveloped his tongue and throat lingering, he tried to focus back on the conversation at hand. 

           Bringing up the hunters in the bar had mix feelings. It was never something to take lightly when someone died on the job. Never. John could understand how much the loss of someone’s life could affect another’s. Hunters weren’t ones for families usually, but the close-knit community usually ended up becoming one. 

          But it was in the details of the job.

                 You join the hunting life, the only way you’re getting out is through



          It wasn’t even in the fine print. It was bolded letters, circled with red pen and on the front page. It was the tag the blared the alarm as you walked out the door from your past life and onto the road of motels and shotgun shells. 

                       ”At least they’re dying while doing their job.”


          He couldn’t let himself feel bad about lives lost. 

                        He probably wasn’t able to feel bad about lives lost.

          Take him back 40 years and he’d mourn for his soldiers left behind in the forests of Vietnam, but still he knew they died while trying to serve their country no matter the screwed up reason. 30 years and he’d grasp on to the death of hunters who helped him through the rough start and dedicate each hunt to them.

          Now he had to deal with his makeshift family dying by his hands and the demon picking off the rest of his inner circle of friends. If someone died while hunting, one who he never knew personally, all he could do was nod his head in recognition and move on. Death just wasn’t the same anymore.

         ”Not going to head out and take care of some of these rifts yourself? Jo seems to be hitting as many as she can, figured you team up every now and then.”

                    The amusement at him struggling with the coffee mix was something she tried to hide. Her amusement quickly over the somber topic. People were dying and she couldn’t help but feel like she was sending some of them to their deaths after giving them a hunt. She knew it was their inexperience and their eagerness that got them killed doing something they had wanted to do after God knows what. John was right, they were doing their jobs, jobs they had picked up out of a need to do something after seeing the horror of what was out there.

                    After this was all over there was gonna be a hell of a lot more hunters out there, ones that survived this hell and could handle almost anything if they didn’t get cocky about it

                    She shook her head at John’s question. She was organizing, something they desperately needed in a time like this. People didn’t know what was going on but they knew they had to be doing something. There was no lack of hunters coming by after hearing about the Roadhouse being open again in a small town in the Pacific Northwest. They needed direction and that’s what she provided. A way to get hunters to the places they needed them most to keep the most monsters at bay for a while.

                    “The majority of hunters would run around like chickens without a head if it weren’t for me. Half of ‘em don’t wanna do the research just point and shoot. I give ‘em somethin’ to shoot at.” She shrugged staring at the map. How many people had she sent out in the last week, she’d lost track. She’d also ltrack of who was coming back and who wasn’t. Too many new faces that she didn’t bother to remember because they were most likely not coming back. 

                    “Something crops up in my backyard I’ll get it but I can’t abandon the Roadhouse. A hub of operation is more helpful then me running across the country to kill one thing.”  She wasn’t trying to slight John or his boys or Jo, they were all doing their part, even if it sounded like she was bitter. She wanted to be out there, it didn’t feel like she was doing enough sitting behind a bar, serving up drinks and assignments like they went together. But hunters as a group needed direction, if she could supply some semblance of that it had to be good enough for the moment. 

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    [Although Gadreel had already turned away, facing the door he came through, the Angel now stopped in his tracks. The sound of clicking weapons and imipending danger wasn’t something new to him. After being tortured since the beginning of time, you kind of develop an extra sense for that. Of course he wished to avoid conflict, not wanting to cause harm on humanity more than he had already done by failing on the only task God had bestowed upon him… but it seemed unavoidable at one point and the more Ellen spoke, the deeper he inhaled, trying hard not to sigh again. 

    He wasn’t someone that had to fear human beings- in no way. At least not as long as they weren’t in possession of an angel blade, but from as far as he could tell, no one inside the Roadhouse was.

    And so, eventually, Gadreel turned around. His stature must have looked taller than before, given the fact that he had now purposefully stood in full height, facing those that pointed weapons towards him. Yes, he realized the lot of the people inside this cabin was not afraid of monsters and, pointing at the obvious, Ellen seemed to be their leader.]

    I do not mean to harm you! Would you kindly sink thy weapon.. please?


    [Gadreels eyes went straight to Ellen, knowing that - if everybody followed her orders - she was the right person to address for a situation like that. How many must it have been? About 10 or more? Some hunters silently clicked on their weapons, letting the Angel hear sounds he never had heard before. But; Being a supernatural being (an Angel, to say the least) did not only mean you were able to see more than the human eye would dare to witness, no. It also meant you could hear better, see better- everything. Which made him able to hear various heartbeats, recognize who was afraid and who remained calm. His eyes wandered for a short moment, gazing from Ellen to those behind her and back at the woman on the bars edge. Why were those people so tense?]

    I assure you, I am not her under anyones command, my Lady. Merely wanting to leave this Cabin in peace.

    [Must he repeat himself? Or were they ready to hear the truth? Ellen did, despite it all, seem to know more than the rest of them and something told Gadreel he would not be the first Angel she saw…]


    I am an Angel of the Lord.. - wanting to serve humanity rather than to harm it. Now please sink down thy weapons..

    [He could have said his name… but if this Ellen-Woman was of any knowledge about the Lore of God or the garden Eden.. well, let’s just say it was wisest to remain undercover, for now. He might be an Angel and new to everything on Earth but Gadreel was, by all means, everything else but stupid..

    Two more silent moments passed before his lids sank down and he disappeared- only to reappear right next to Ellen in a matter of one seconds, leaning just a tad down so to whisper something into her ear. Being the protector of Eden, naturally, Eve and Adam had to trust Gadreel without knowing it. His voice and heavior most probably are very appealing to humanity in the sense of being trustworthy and his hope was for Ellen to realize he wouldn’t harm her nor anyone else in this room..]

    .. Would you kindly…

    [Damn angels were putting their feathers in other people’s business. Ellen didn’t lower her weapon, she didn’t even look away from him to see the reaction of the hunters in the bar. Through narrowed eyes, she appraised him. Even if what he said was true and he was an angel, he didn’t seem to be one of Naomi’s. Though she kept trying to find a way that he couldn’t be hers and it didn’t work in Ellen’s mind.] Alright, angel face, say I believe you’re telling the truth. You and I still need to have a little chat before I let you walk out that door.

    [Ellen couldn’t really do anything to stop him. The hunters could empty every bullet they had into he thing and it wouldn’t do anything but make it mad, if he was an angel. They needed an angel blade to do any damage to it as far as Ellen knew and none of them had that on them.]

                    Dear…Naomi? Jesus can you even hear me, I got a little situation with and uh…Angel?  bein here thought this might be up your alley….

    [The prayer was half hearted and second guessed but it was still there. If the angel was gonna show up so be it but she wasn’t counting on it. She glanced at the hunters that were still aiming their weapons at the thing.] Everybody out. I can handle this.

                                    You sure, ma’am?

                                                    He seem’s

    Do it. [She lowered her weapon but kept it in hand. If he wasn’t telling the truth and made a move then she could cut his head off. If he was telling the truth and made a move to attack her thank nothing was going to be able to help her unless someone with an angel blade showed up.] 

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    [Explain himself a little bit? Gadreel was barely able to answer his own questions let alone bring his point across to someone he just met a few seconds ago..]

    I am afraid.. [another pause followed, during which the Angel now obviously mustered the woman that stood behind the bar before him] .. Madam, I can not. 

    [Despite the remaining uncomfortable feeling Gadreel had being surrounded by those suspicious humans, he eventually took a seat on one of the high bar stools, reaching for the cutlery in one go. He had never seen nor used those things and therefore merely stared at them, eyed them for what seemed like a little bit too much of time and then placed them back down to the bar without any question being asked. It was a bit weird to consider that humans would still eat their food, even when more or less liquid, with their fingers or nothing but their lips, but the Angel did, quite frankly, have more important matters run through his mind than to question earthly behavior. Humanity was, after all, still like a toddler and barely evolved- even though most of them thought different. Be it as it is though, Gadreel decided to be as honest as he could, figuring if he’d be trapped on those levels he might as well try not to make enemies right away. Sure, he could easily kill humans within his range in one go but all he ever wanted was to protect them.. - to fix his one and only big mistake…. ]


    I do, by all means, not intend to disappoint you in thy expectations my fair lady but I am not a Monster nor anything that is to be found on earth regularly… or, for that matter, beneath it. 

    [And while the words left his mouth, his eyes stayed stuck on Ellen, piercing her gaze like he’d try to read her mind further than he already accomplished. Human body language was fascinating. Eyes, as blue as those of Castiels, if not more, now averted from her face to once again take his surroundings in before Gadreel leaned down and started eating with his bare, still very dirty hands, not minding the fact that he continued talking and actually wondering why this tasted so disgusting. As mentioned before, Angels do not need to drink nor eat but the memory has not yet reached his mind, bringing him to furrow both brows down at the taste of this food, chewing obviously slowly only to force it down with a visible dry swallow]

    I.. am served. 

    [Admittedly, his behavior was quite extraordinary but also as friendly as he could keep it for the time being. Once the food was downed with just a bit more of the water Ellen had served Gadreel, he got back up on his feet, inhaling deeply in the process. Staying was not a good idea but maybe he could get one more answer from that… more or less friendly woman of whom he knew she was hiding a weapon close by]

    March 2013…
    - Canst you share thy knowledge of where the next city lies, with me? 

    [The moment Ellen would answer this, he’d leave. Questionoing people was, from all he had heard during his enslavement, not the wisest thing to do. The least if you were stuck in a bar full of such that looked like they wanted to kill or ravish you. His Long hair was sticking to his dirty face and the neck, looking like he either took a mud-bath not too long ago or god knows what, everything more ruined than anything else and the only thing clear on his appearance, were his eyes.]

                    [Before the man, thing, had finished its sentence, her hand was curling on the rough axe of bone and rock she had picked off a monster fresh out of purgatory. It was something that made her feel comfortable, rough and rugged, it had seen the same things she had even if it hadn’t been with her through purgatory, she had lost her own weapon after coming through the rift. She angled the axe at the thing that claimed to be neither monster nor demon, if that was what it meant by below the earth. There was a toppling of some chairs as other hunters stood with their weapons on the man, taking their cue from Ellen.] What are you then? I’d be careful if I were you unless you want to lose your head and have a few clips emptied into your back.


    [Her eyes were narrows at the thing. It hadn’t reacted to the silver and it had passed all the wards that prevented demons from entering. But he wasn’t human. Angel crossed her mind but still it seemed unlikely. They didn’t need to eat or drink so why would one enter the roadhouse unless it wanted something from her. It didn’t look like it would be under Naomi with the way that she had dressed when she came to talk to Ellen. She gave the impression that everyone under her would dress the same.]

    Ya ain’t leaving till you give some answers. [Her voice was filled with threat. She had dealt with things in her bar before. Hunter brawling, even attacking her and her daughter. It was never pretty how things ended. She could see them all on edge behind the thing at the bar. Guns trained on it and eyes on her looking for any sign that they should shoot. The men were at least waiting for her cue rather than just shooting. That was something she was thankful for. She could still see some of the bullet holes from the group that had come in before, she would have preferred not to add to them or be hit with the cross fire.] 

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    Earlier that day, Gabriel had overheard a couple of guys talking about a bar that they regularly visit. And since he had nothing else to do, he figured he might as well cause some mayhem. He zapped himself behind the place and casually strolled out, nodding at the people he walked past them and through the door. He headed towards the bar and grinned at the lady behind it innocently.

    "Just a beer for me, please." Cackling inside, it took all of Gabriel’s strength not to start the trick right then. But all the bests tricks took time and thought so he held himself back. For now, anyway.

    The man that had just walked in was almost too happy to be there. There was something about him that made her uneasy. No demon, wouldn’t have made it through the door. Almost looked stupid enough to be a monster that had just walked in. But there was this new possibility after talking with Naomi of angels coming in. She had said she would keep it after hours but she wouldn’t have been surprised to know that she was being watched by some minions. She shook off the feeling and got the man a cold one. He wasn’t tidy enough to be one of Naomi’s. She had her purgatory axe under the bar top if he pulled any wrong movie, and the pistol that she didn’t let stray too far from her hip.

    “Can I get you anything else?” She offered, setting the pint in front of the man. 

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  • edens-gadreel:

    [Even though Gadreel tried hard to focus on just the womans voice before him, now that he was out heavens cage all the human prayers started ringing in his mind. And that, quite frankly, wasn’t just a bit. It were a damn lot. Almost unbearable, giving him a hard time to even separate the waiters voice from the million others inside his head. His eyelids pinching down every now and then, banning the other voices at least for the moment while both his hands remained gripping the bard edge until he reached out for the offered glass of water, downing it in one go- without any sign of effect..]

    Mhhh …. !! Something edible and quite satisfactory to ones … [Gadreel paused for the split of a second, clearing his throat in the process since he almost mentioned human] … needs, would be very welcomed. Bread and more water, if you may.


    [He wasn’t just new to earth itself, since he never got out there except for the time in garden eden, no. Everything was, to be blunt, like hist first time, to him. Not only the taste of water and feeling every of its molecules in his mouth was surprising.. !! In the midst of wondering about heavens circumstances however, Gadreel forgot that he does not need to drink nor eat, making an indirect fool out of himself by asking for something to fill his stomach with. His gaze eventually wandered from her eyes down to himself, mustering the vessel he managed to posses. Hands coming closer to have his palms running down his chest, questioning the state of his clothes and the way his skin looked so full of mud]


    [Yet again, the tall man paused his words, confusion clearly written onto his facial features. He wanted to ask for a way of cleaning himself but figured doing so, in the middle of humans, wasn’t the wisest thing to do and therefore just once again cleared his throat, this time in a more rough manner]

    … - Thank you, for serving me with this.. water.

    [One more time his eyes danced around his surroundings, momentarily stopping at Benny to who Ellen just had a look at herself. Being an Angel, and a very powerful on top of it, of course Gadreel could sense and see what something was… but decided to remain silent in general, for now. At least about that.. - even though he did look lost.. and if Ellen spent attention to Castiel, even if just a bit, she would quickly figure that this was his first time down on earth.. - no matter his origin.]

    [The man wasn’t normal, anyone could have seen that but she had a feeling he wasn’t exactly human. She took the next plate of food that came through the window in the wall and placed it in front of the man. It happened to be a plate of wings. It wasn’t bread as he had requested but I t was breaded, she didn’t think they had just bread. She looked back toward the window] Can I get some texas toast too? [A plate appeared soon in the window with a small stack of thick toast. Sliding it next to the plate of wings she squinted at the man in the dirty overcoat with his long matted hair and beard.]

    No problem. [She had an idea of what the man could be, and it wasn’t something that any of them could kill if they wanted to. She pushed the silverware closer to his plate, waiting for him to use it, and topped off his water glass from a pitcher.]

    You want to explain yourself a little bit? Not every day a man barges in looking like he got chewed up and spit out by the revolutionary war. [She had dealt with demons and monsters, and recently angels. Besides Castiel, Naomi was the only angel she had met and it hadn’t been the most pleasant experience but she remembered what she had said. She was going to send people around at some point, those she seemed smart enough to do it after hours as she had said she would. The man wasn’t a demon, that was clear enough, if he was a monster he was the dumbest one that she had come across, but it wasn’t normal or anyone to barge in looking like it had been chewed up and out. The man looked worse than Ellen had when she had come through the rift from purgatory.]

    [She studied him patiently, he wasn’t giving many answers but he was fairly kind if not for the sake of dodging her questions.] 

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